Dalton's Mulch

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out how many yards of mulch I will need?

              Multiply the length X width for the area needing mulch. Then multiply

              this by 0.25. Then divide this number by 27. This will provide enough

              mulch to lay the mulch 3 inches deep.

                    # of Yards = (Length X Width)0.25 /27

What kind of mulch do you have?

              We carry pure bark Hardwood, either Triple-Shredded or Black Gold. We

              also carry dyed mulches, playground mulch and leaf compost. Dyed

              mulch is made from recycled hardwood. We do not carry mulch made

              from yard-waste products. Mulch made from yard-waste can increase

              weeds in the area the mulch is laid.

Do you have wholesale pricing on semi-truck load quantities?

               Yes. Please call for details.

How much does your mulch cost?

               Please call for pricing details. 

Do you offer free delivery?

               Yes. We offer free delivery on orders 3 yards or more and within 15 miles.